“Dr. Pearson has been my family’s orthodontist for almost 30 years. He treated my two daughters in the 90’s, and they both have perfectly straight teeth and beautiful smiles. I believe that a beautiful smile can open many doors, and it has sure proved to be true with my daughters. They are now 35 and 32. Both have handsome successful husbands, and they both have dream jobs, with lots of personal contact with the public. In many ways, we give some of the credit for their fairy-tale lives to Dr. Pearson.”

Christopher W.


“I’ve been going here for 10 years now and the service and treatment has not changed at all. Dr.Pearson’s staff knows your name when you enter, and they know what they’re doing. Friendly. Caring, Knowledgeable. I don’t go here as often because I no longer have braces, only a retainer now, but still love everything.”

Janet S.


“Braces are not cheap and most dental insurance does not cover much of the cost/care, so it is super important to have an orthodontist who knows what they are doing because this is a real investment.”

Maria Jackson


“During the past 10 years, my three stepchildren have also benefited from Dr. Pearson’s excellent care. They are now ages 24, 19, and 17, and also have beautiful smiles, thanks to Dr. Pearson’s excellent care.

All five children had severe malocclusions, and now they have perfectly straight teeth. I highly recommend Dr. Pearson for any orthodontic situation. The children always enjoyed their visits to his office, and they plan to bring their own children to see Dr. Pearson!”



“Dr. Pearson is the best. Great attitude and customer service. He always goes above and beyond. Our daughter had a mini braces emergency during the weekend, and Dr. Pearson came to the office on his day off to fix the problem within 15 minutes! We are so glad to have met him!”

Maria S.