Invisalign For Adults

As an adult who wants to straighten their teeth, you may have pondered the possibility of braces — and then decided that metal or ceramic braces just won’t work for your lifestyle and needs. Fortunately, you’ve got another option that’s ideally suited for the adult lifestyle: Invisalign. Here’s what you should know about Invisalign for adults.

Invisalign For The Adult Lifestyle: Some Big Benefits

Many adults who need teeth straightening say that Invisalign is ideal for several reasons, including:

The convenience

Invisalign is the easiest and most convenient way to get your teeth straightened. Invisalign aligners simply pop into your mouth and are easily removable. You’ll take the aligners out when you eat and when you brush. Even though Invisalign aligners are virtually undetectable because they’re transparent thin plastic, you may still want to take them out sometimes. You can remove Invisalign for special events, big meetings, or other important occasions. This makes it very flexible and convenient for busy adults.

The lack of diet restrictions

One of the reasons that many adults say that braces just won’t work for them is the diet restrictions. If you get old fashioned braces, you’ll have to avoid a wide menu of foods — including hard, chewy, sticky, crunchy, and otherwise challenging foods. This just isn’t convenient, and most adults are far too busy to worry about all those food restrictions. You don’t need to think about bracket or wire damage when you have Invisalign since you don’t wear the aligners while eating.

Quick orthodontist visits

Your schedule is busy and your time is precious — and that makes Invisalign ideal for adult teeth straightening. Invisalign requires aligner changes every week or two (you do this at home) and visits to Pearson Orthodontics around every six weeks. Your Invisalign checkups are very fast and easy, usually taking just a few minutes each.

The aesthetic aspect

Many adults say “no thanks” to braces because of the aesthetic drawbacks. After all, who wants to show a mouthful of metal when they smile? Invisalign helps you maintain your appearance because they’re very thin and near-invisible plastic that covers your teeth. The aligners are fabricated in an Invisalign laboratory using impressions of your teeth, so you get a perfect fit.

The easy care

Invisalign is very easy to care for — you can use the Invisalign Cleaning System (or an alternative cleaner recommended by Dr. Pearson) to clean your aligners daily in only 15 minutes. You can even brush your aligners with a soft-bristle brush in a pinch. Since you remove your aligners to brush your teeth, you can easily do aligner cleaning at the same time each day. Also, the fact that you get to remove your aligners means that it’s easier to clean your teeth than it would be with braces.

The Cost of Invisalign for Adults

You may be wondering if all of the benefits of Invisalign come at a very high price. There’s good news, though: Invisalign costs about the same as traditional braces. The exact cost depends on factors like how many aligners you need and how long your straightening lasts, but overall you can get the same straightening results as braces for roughly the same cost.

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